We all wish to have a better life, so do they!

Life is so challenging and no one ever chooses to be born poor or needy. However, a small act of kindness can change a needy child’s life and future.
A UNICEF Report about children living in poverty and deprivation in Uganda showed that over half of the children (55%) are living in multidimensional poverty whereby they lack food, clothes, education, medical services, and many more needs, with the highest percentage of these children being orphans and children living in rural areas.
It is such a heart-wrenching situation to watch these children suffer and fail to meet the different ends of life, yet another part of the population in the same country lives in luxury, spending on things that are not even necessities, keeping more clothes than they can even wear, throwing away wasted food every day, and yet sharing some of these things with the needy children and orphans would never leave their lives the same.
You might have ever been in the same situation where you lacked different things …

Why More Girls Should Join Tech.

The gender gap in technology can only be bridged if more girls embrace technology today. 5 years ago, if anyone asked me if I was interested in joining tech or taking up any tech career, I would plainly say no. Why? Because I still believed that as a girl, I would not be so good in tech like the men are. But thanks to a friend (Yves Iraguha - a software developer at Andela Kigali) who introduced me to coding which helped me to gain more interest in Tech. However, there are more girls out there who still have imposter syndrome and need someone to encourage them that they can also make it in Tech.
Well, it is not only about joining tech but girls also need to go for those great positions in Tech. In order to achieve this, girls have to, first of all, do away with the imposter syndrome and the negative mindset of thinking that they cannot be so excellent in tech and believe that they can also, be as good as men in tech or even better than them.
Joining Tech and Developers Communities is th…

Improving Girls’ Education: A lifeline to development.

Have you ever wondered why there is still a big number of girls who are unable to complete their studies despite the fact that a lot is being done to promote girl-child education?  Well, though many governments and organizations have developed policies targeted towards girl child education, there’s also been a remarkable drop-off in the number of adolescent girls who continue their education. It is also reported that while 87 percent enroll in primary school, only 39 percent graduate from secondary school which means that there are still many changes to make towards the current education system that involves girl child education Offering girls improved education is one sure way of giving them much greater power -- of enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. This is why emphasis should be put on other areas that majorly concern the girls’ education as well as lives, through the following ways explained below; Ensuring that teachers in schools are…

What role can you play in the fight to bring an end to Gender Based violence?

Henry (2018)
When Gender-Based violence is mentioned, which group of victims first comes to your mind? Is it the males or females? Well, to whatever opinion someone may have, we cannot forego that fact that there are instances of Gender-Based violence to both females and males. And since each one of us belongs to a specific gender, it is thus everyone’s role to play a part in the struggle towards combatting Gender-Based violence.
Gender-based violence is violence directed against a person because of their gender. Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply rooted in gender inequality and continues to be one of the most notable human rights violations within all societies. Though both women and men experience gender-based violence, the majority of victims are women and girls. This is mostly as a result of power inequalities between men and women, be it physical power or administrative power. As a result, women face cases of physical/sexual harassment, rape, stalking, trafficking as we…

Creating human rights awareness.

I believe that the creation of human rights awareness through education and information is the ultimate, even if long-term solution against human rights abuses. These are some of the ways in which many people can get to understand their human rights so as to avoid being victims of human rights’ abuse.

1 1. Using videos for impact and change. Many videos can be created to explain to people the different human rights they have as well as to show some experiences of abuse of human rights and how this can be avoided.
22. Use of photography. Photography can be one way of capturing live moments about human rights which can be used as evidence in case there are reported cases of human rights abuses. This can also be used for further reference and illustrations during human rights education.
3 3. Using the power of music and art. Human rights awareness has been practiced throughout history, especially serving the anti-war movement in the mid-20th century. Today, art has become a powerful and …

Taking Initiative for change.

Taking Initiative will normally require taking an extra step through personal motives and behavior to transform society. Often many people may decide to go silent about the problems they are noticing in society yet most of the problems would be solved if every individual took initiative, be it small or big. Often taking initiative includes two major stages namely; recognizing that there is a problem and then finally doing something about the problem.

Recognizing that there is a problem may involve someone listening to what is deepest in their hearts, which causes the urge to bring about a change in society depending on what they observe. Secondly, someone may recognize that there is a problem through personal experience which will easily show them that what happened to them may also happen to anyone else thus something should be done to overcome that challenge. 

The final stage of taking initiative which is doing something to solve the problem can be done in different ways. An individu…

Biography, Education background, Career goals, Interests and Personal Adress.

Name: Claire Nkamushaba
Gender: Female.
Studying Health Care Management with a concentration in Global Perspectives

Education Background.
Primary: Kabale Primary School, 2002 - 2008
O'Level: Bsp. Kivengere Girls' School Muyebe, 2009 - 2012
A'Level: St. Mary's College Rushoroza, 2013 - 2014
University: Southern New Hamshire University, 2018 to date.

Career Goals
Health Care Manager.
Youth Activist.


Personal Adress
Phone number: +256753785747
Current Adress: Kigali, Rwanda